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School Supplies - Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets- Printable Form


4People is providing the online Community Sign Up Sheet to coordinate requests to organizations during the holidays and school days. With this sign up sheet organizations will be able to make sure that everyone requesting help gets the help they need.

Family Instructions

Families will need to submit a separate Sign Up/Client Release Form for School Supplies, Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas Baskets. Under agency please list any organizations you have submitted your request. Under limitations please fill in “Christmas Baskets”, “Thanksgiving Baskets”, “School Supplies”. If you have not heard from an organization of your status in two weeks please contact Jericho Road Ministries. If you do not want to use the online process print out the Client Release Form and submit it to the organization you are asking help from.

Organizations Instructions

Caseworkers or those coordinating program need to fill out the online Caseworker Agreement Form and/or Caseworker Agreement Printable Form to have access to the families needing assistance. Caseworkers may also read the Client Release Form over the phone and fill out the online client release form for the families. Once submitted online organizations will be able to coordinate these requests to insure everyone is served.

Report Instructions:

All organizations that have submitted a
Caseworker Agreement Form will be provided lists of families requesting help and organizations they have been assigned. This is a coordinated community effort with lead organizations of Jericho Road Ministries and BF Volunteer Center (SHAKE Program) and 4People. All groups in Benton and Franklin Counties that provide these services are encouraged to participate to make it easier for families to get the help they need. Please call 509.543.2910 for more information.





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